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Chainlink (LINK/USD)

As of the 6th of January 2021, cryptocurrency instruments will not be available to retail clients in the UK.

Chainlink is a crypto platform whose aim is to promote the use of "smart contracts". Smart contracts in blockchain refers to a kind of technology that helps people exchange money or other valuable assets without intermediaries. The purpose of Chainlink is to facilitate the connection of smart contracts to external resources across various networks. ChainLink works with both Ethereum and Bitcoin.
Chainlink is the number 11-ranked cryptocurrency by market capitalisation. To improve the smooth operation of its platform, Chainlink partnered with SWIFT — a global interbank data and payment transmission system used by 11,000 banks worldwide. Over the course of 2019, Chainlink went from $0.41 to $2.28 for a total increase of more than 550%!