About Ethereum

Ethereum - Ethereum is a crypto currency which is similar to bitcoin and based on blockchain for the record of data on money transactions.

Ethereum is often considered to be a competitor of Bitcoin, but this is not strictly the case. The Ethereum technology offers a unique opportunity. Ethereum allows you to register any trades, with any assets, on the basis of a distributed database of contracts of a blockchain type avoiding traditional legal procedures. It applies a so-called technology of "smart contracts".

Users of the system, use the calculating capacities of their equipment for maintaining the system (mining).

Ethereum price dynamics are based on the trust shown to it and are exclusively formed by a balance of supply and demand on stock exchanges. There is no central body that can influence its price or require others to accept payments in this crypto currency. That is why the factual value of the currency depends on the emission of the amount of goods and services that could be acquired for it.