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Zero commission fees for trading any crypto CFD

  • 0% commission fee
  • 0% swap for overnight positions
  • 0% commission for deposits
0% commission fee for any crypto CFD
Trading in an Hour Webinar

Everything About Trading in an Hour


Event date:


We look forward to welcoming you in this free, live-streaming webinar on June 03rd at 18:00 London

In just 60 minutes, you will learn about:

  • Types of markets. How to trade on them? How to trade using news and external resources?
  • What will happen to the market if the pandemic continues? 
  • Practical guides and strategies for novice traders.
  • Cutting-edge solutions for making deals, as well as answers to all your questions.

This is the first step to a better tomorrow. Get everything you need to know and start your trading journey!