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0% commission fee for any crypto CFD

Dropbox Inc.

Dropbox is the most famous cloud storage service. The headquarters is in San Francisco. It differs from most competitors in having a client programme, as well as being well-organised, allowing easy access to all stored files from various devices.

Dropbox Turnover
Revenues from sales in 2017 amounted to 1.1 billion dollars. Growth over three years was 38.3%.
The United States accounts for 54% of revenue. The rest of the world makes up 46%.

Dropbox is an international brand. It has a reputation for reliable cloud storage with a rich set of additional services.

Dropbox Shares and asset prices
Dropbox shares went through an IPO on 22nd March 22 2018. Currently traded on the NASDAQ.

Earning potential
Just before the IPO, Dropbox published statistics on its customers. At that time, Dropbox's services were used by 500 million registered users. Of these, 11 million are subscribers of paid services. The potential growth in revenue has not yet been exhausted, which is confirmed by the dynamics of the growth of shares, which added about 50% over the first days.