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85.9% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

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85.9% of retail investor accounts lose money

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0% commission fee for any crypto CFD

Enel Chile S.A.

Enel Chile S.A. is an energy company involved in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity in Chile. The company operates in the Generation Business and Distribution Business sectors. It is active in the transmission and distribution of electricity in 33 municipalities of the country’s capital city, Santiago.

As of the 31st March 2019, the company has 7,463 mW of available capacity, provided by 130 power generating units (including 40 hydro-electrical, 22 thermal, 8 solar, 1 geo-thermal and 59 wind-powered substations), which it uses to deliver energy to approximately 1.9 million consumers. The company also offers consulting, management, administrative and contractual services.


The ratings agency S&P Global Ratings estimates the long-term international issuer rating of Enel Chile S.A. to be “BBB+ -” with stable outlook. Fitch Ratings gives it an “AA” credit rating, while Moody’s rates it at “Baa2” with stable outlook.

Enel Chile S.A. Shares

The company’s stock reached a maximum of almost 89 pesos per share in 2016, before falling to a low of 59.46 pesos in 2016 and 2018. Currently, shares in the company are trading within a highly stable sideways range of 60-80 pesos. Such a persistent sideways trend represents an excellent investment opportunity, which could even tolerate moderate leverage.

Revenue of the company

Enel Chile S.A. recently published its results for Q1 (ended on 31st March 2019). In the first quarter of 2019, the company had total turnover of 782,407 million Chilean pesos, compared to 560,764 million pesos the year before. For the same period, it posted EBIT of 286,370 million pesos, compared to 136,534 million one year prior. Meanwhile, its net profit stood at 174,541 million pesos against 70,129 million one year earlier. Finally, the company generated 2.52 pesos EPS, compared to 1.43 in 2018.