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Null Provision bei allen CFD-Trades auf Kryptowährungen

Null Provision bei allen CFD-Trades auf Kryptowährungen

Null Swapgebühren. Null Umtauschgebühren.

87.8% der CFD-Echtgeldkonten verlieren Geld. Es werden enge Spreads angewandt. Bitte überprüfen Sie unsere Spreads auf der Plattform.


THORChain is a decentralised liquidity network. It makes it possible to exchange assets instantly and without authorisation across networks and perform decentralised cross-currency financing. THORChain allows assets to be mixed in liquidity pools to receive commission, instantly exchange assets at market prices, take loans and finance any assets and pay in any currency.

THORChain doesn't position itself to compete with any of the existing protocols or chains. It's designed to combine them all into one extremely liquid, abundant and decentralised network.

RUNE is THORChain's native token that it launched on Binance Chain. RUNE is used for practically everything done on the network. Some RUNE tokens are burned after each transaction performed by the network.

THORChain plans to launch its THORPayments ecosystems, a set of instruments and equipment for end-users that allows them to perform independent payments between buyers and sellers around the world.

RUNE's capitalisation at the beginning of April 2021 was over $2.5 billion. 

Trading opportunities

The tokens started trading in July 2020. In just Q1 2021, RUNEUSD increased more than 6.8 times in value! Its average intraday volatility was 8.2%.

How to buy and sell RUNEUSD

Sie können CFDs auf RUNEUSD über einen Broker oder eine Handelsplattform wie MetaTrader 4 oder Libertex kaufen und verkaufen, wo Sie einen Hebel einsetzen und handeln können, wenn der Wert der Kryptowährung fällt oder steigt.