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Libertex Trading Platform

The basic trading principle within Libertex platform is the following: the result of a trade changes in proportion to the price of the underlying asset the trade is based on.

To manage your money more effectively, a trader can use the Multiplier Feature, which is set at the moment of opening a trade. The Multiplier is a value that determines how the trade result changes relative to the underlying asset price.

For asset trading, you can only use integer numbers as multiplier values. To view the maximum possible multiplier value for each trading instrument, please refer to the Trading Instrument Specifications.


Stop out level is one of the basic trading conditions in Libertex.

If the stop out level is 50%, this means your position will be closed automatically when its loss is 50% or more of the initial investment amount. When stop out level is in place, the trade is closed at the first price available at the moment of closing, meaning that the eventual result may be different from the one expected based on the stop loss level you specified.

Stop out level is set for 50% for all financial instruments.

Please note that Libertex Pro and Libertex may have different Stop Out values. Detailed information can be found in the Specification.