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As of the 6th of January 2021, cryptocurrency instruments will not be available to retail clients in the UK.
Jun 17, 2021
The recent spike in the crypto prices has coincided with the strongest period for the cryptocurrency and blockchain market since the end of 2018. Since December 2020, the price of Ethereum has more than tripled, from less than $550 to more than $1,700 in mid-March.
Jun 15, 2021
All financial markets have ups and downs, and Bitcoin Cash fits this rule just like any other cryptocurrency. But due to the novelty, these cycles of increase or decrease are particularly strong. All of these factors don’t make traders’ lives any easier. 
Jun 09, 2021
The cryptocurrency market is moving so quickly that it’s getting harder to keep up with new coins. Just days following the first big surge of Dogecoin, the market saw another asset gaining steam - Safemoon. 
Jun 01, 2021
Dogecoin (DOGE) has been enjoying the newfound attention this year. So far, it has accumulated a market capitalization of more than $40 billion and ranks #6 largest digital currency - not bad for a coin initially created as a joke and based on a meme.
May 28, 2021
Monero has seen significant gains over the past few months, more than doubling in price. However, there is room for growth - at the very least, to its all-time high of $495.84. Where will this privacy-oriented cryptocurrency go next? Find out in this Monero price prediction. We’ll be taking a detailed look at possible movements starting from the second half of 2021 all the way to 2030. And while you’re here, let’s also look at the past performance and factors driving the price.
Apr 21, 2021
At one point, investments in Dash were highly profitable. Many traders received significant gains from the Dash cryptocurrency when the price action surpassed a $1,500 benchmark back in late 2017. Later, however, the coin’s value dropped and was fluctuating throughout 2018 – a year of recession in the cryptocurrency market.
Apr 09, 2021
If you have recently watched the crypto charts, you can see the growing popularity of many coins, including Chainlink (LINK). And while so many assets are on the bull run, there is the question of how long it’s going to last. 
Apr 06, 2021
Out of all precious metals, gold is the most popular investment choice. Think of it for a moment - gold doesn't corrode, rust, or break down. It is pleasing to the eye and can be easily melted and shaped into coins, luxurious jewelry, and bars. It's the "golden" asset. 
Apr 05, 2021
Ever since it came into being, Bitcoin has taken the world by storm. From being an upstart, it has clawed its way into becoming a financial powerhouse and trendsetter. Being the so-called king of cryptocurrencies comes with its own problems, though, and the volatility of the market does not make it easy to predict the viability of bitcoins.
Feb 16, 2021
Cryptocurrency continues to gain more and more attention with time. The systemic worries that accompany traditional assets, including stock fiat currencies, make investors consider alternative options. With crypto becoming the main one, many people are eager to buy it.